Some sketches I recovered from 2015, when I started to dig into the world of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). I’m still impressed by the effort I put into such a silly idea.

At this time, I was in the second year of my Telecommunications degree, so I had some knowledge about the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform). What happens when the objects programming and the fourier transformation are mixed in the head of a young 20-years-old engineer? The answer is: CUBES.

That super-cool cube was the main objective of my long nights, that cube was all day dancing in my head. I remember that the beginning was hard, I struggled a lot to generate my first cube, the Java syntax was very new to me. Fortunately I did all the code under the kindergarten IDE of Processing, that helped me a lot to fight the typical noob programmers nightmares, like the NullPointerException or the array Not Initialized.

Finally, I created several dancing shapes by re-organizing my fancy cube in different configurations: a plane, a column, a circle…